I was the personification of the American businessman: rich, powerful and unhappy.

10 years ago, by all of society’s standards, I had achieved the American dream. I sold my company for $89 million, had 5 houses, dozens of cars, and 2 planes, but all of the material possessions couldn’t fill the despair I was in. I was suicidal and struggled with layers of addiction that nearly took my life.

Through a simple twist of fate, a friend introduced me to a plant medicine that allowed profound healing from my suffering, by showing me my truth, my life path, and purpose.


The changes that were brought about by the plant medicine worked on my core issues. The addictions that were present in my life were a result of those core issues that were created through unresolved trauma. Once that trauma was healed by the medicine the addictive behavior left. What emerged in its path was a new me that was able to enjoy all things in moderation without being owned by anything.


Although this methodology flies in the face of convention, we at Rythmia see it all the time, we see the struggles of trauma undone and then a new and productive normal occurs for our guests.


Ever since that fateful encounter, my life’s mission has been to show others that there can be a shortcut to happiness, and to their truth through the modalities offered at Rythmia Life Advancement Center in Costa Rica.


I’m not a thought leader, not special, picked or chosen – I am in service of something greater than myself and driven to help others awaken to their greatest potential by reconnecting with their souls and finding a deeper connection to the heart.


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