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Gerard Armond Powell

Chief Executive Office, Chairman, RYTHMIA LIFE ADVANCEMENT CENTER

Gerard Powell was the personification of the American businessman: rich, powerful and unhappy.

He opted to try anything available to hide from himself and his “perfect” life. Most of his existence he suffered from addiction and depression, incessantly trying to fill the hole deep within, with little or no success. Ultimately, after much trial and error he found the key to true success and happiness. Today, he serves as a conscious entrepreneur, thought leader, philanthropist and public speaker on a mission to share the modalities and philosophies that transformed his life.

His business history is nothing short of miraculous. He grew up in a very modest home, was not able to focus on school and ultimately dropped out. After several unsuccessful business ventures, in 1991 he partnered in a building and development company. His inner guidance directed him to discontinue this line of work , however Gerard remained involved long enough to consummate a deal that netted him more than a million dollars – while still in his twenties.

Gerard went on to build multiple companies from the ground up later selling them for hundreds of millions of dollars. In 1995, Powell started thatlook.com, the first company organized to provide mass-market access to cosmetic surgery procedures. In 1999, Powell took thatlook.com public, and the company achieved a market value of approximately $150 million. Subsequently, he and his management team founded looksforless.com mimicking and exceeding the same business success with a different business model. He was living the good life – too good, in fact.

“I sold my company for $94 million dollars. I had 5 houses, 20 plus cars, and 2 planes. I achieved the American dream but I was hooked on Demerol, was an alcoholic and was suicidal. I realized something was very wrong because the more I acquired the more I suffered. I spent hundreds of thousands of dollars and travelled the world on my journey to heal myself through every self-help and healing modality I could find. A friend introduced me to Plant Medicine and in one night I had an experience that transformed my existence and liberated me from a lifetime of suffering. That was 2 years ago and my life continues to unfold in an extraordinary way. As a result of my experience I decided to open a center in Costa Rica that would offer all of the modalities that had the greatest impact on my life, enabling me to share them with as many people as possible at a price they could afford. I modeled it after the Club Med philosophy of an all-inclusive resort experience offering modalities, accommodations, organic meals, and first class amenities.”

That is how Rythmia Life Advancement Center was conceived. Rythmia Group, Inc., a  management  company that manages certain aspects of the center, is headquartered in the beachside community of, Malibu, California, where Gerard also lives with his family. He visited Costa Rica and found the current location of the Center in Guanacoste, one of the five blue zones in the world where people live happiest and longest. He purchased an 81 bed hotel and renovated it making it the go-to facility for a spiritually awakening vacation experience poised to enable guests to experience healing and life transformation during their stay.

Powell continues, “We have gathered, under one roof, a team of world-renowned specialists offering the most breakthrough modalities including “The Answer Is You”, life transformation program by Michael Beckwith; the Dead Sea Cleanse, a hydrotherapy colonic cleanse that far surpassed any others I tried; Prana Vinyasa Yoga by Shiva Rea; Plant Medicine by Sarab Deva and Dr. Vanessa Grillo; and locally grown organic farm to table food PRESENTED by Shivanter.”

Another way in which he has opted to share his experiences and findings is through Truthenomics, a program and website that teaches the skills and insights essential to a life of manifestation. He has become a leading Conscious Entrepreneur, creating progressive businesses that transform people’s lives. He speaks to audiences and organizations relying on his signature, unfiltered style that is filled with humor, authenticity and an inherent ability to inspire.

Rythmia and Gerry’s story are featured in a just-released documentary entitled “The Reality of Truth” along with thought leaders including Joel Olsteen, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, Deepak Chopra, Marianne Williamson and more, as well as actors Michelle Rodriguez and Peter Coyote.

For additional information about Gerard Powell, or for speaking inquiries, please email haamid@rythmia.com, or visit gerardarmondpowell.com