The Shortcut to
Happiness is the Truth

Gerry Powell is the Founder of Rythmia. A successful conscious entrepeneur and author building businesses that provide healing to humanity and nature.


I’m Not a Thought Leader

I’m a regular guy, that had an extraordinary experience, and now I’ve become a cheerleader for a plant. A plant that transformed me from a broken multi-millionaire suicidal alcoholic and drug addict with a lifetime of suffering to a happy, free, and purpose-driven individual who can do anything but is addicted to nothing. My life’s mission is to show others there can be a shortcut to happiness.

The World’s #1 Top Rated Resort


Gerry is the founder of Rythmia Life Advancement Center, an all-inclusive luxury plant medicine retreat in Costa Rica. 96% of guests report receiving a miracle during their stay, and Rythmia has over 1,300 five-star reviews on TripAdvisor, making it the #1 rated Specialty Lodging in the world.

A Story of Sex, Drugs and Ayahuasca

Gerry’s book shares his life-transforming journey through plant medicine and Illuminates the path to healing, awakening, and true happiness.

“A remarkable story of personal transformation. Gerry Powell was gazing into the abyss when he was touched by the magic of the ancient shamanic plant medicines.This extraordinary book asserts not only that miracles can happen but that they do happen and that we all have the power, if only we will call upon it, to bring about meaningful and worthwhile change.”

— Graham Hancock

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This highly compelling film offers a front row seat on an around the world exploration of how people, groups and entire cultures tap into an alternative “true reality” through spirituality, meditation, and psychedelics. Join Michelle Rodriguez (Fast and the Furious) and Zappy Zapolin as they meet with thought leaders from around the world, including Bruce Lipton, Deepak Chopra, Ram Dass, Marianne Williamson, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, Foster Gamble and many more, on their journey to find the reality of truth.

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